Internship Opportunities
Internship Opportunities
We provide solid hands-on training and internship programs, which ensure you to be ready for your career development.

The main purpose of this internship program is to let students have the opportunities to participate in the healthcare industry.
The Internship is cooperated with the 【MHI Field Training I/II】 course.

Applicatons and a written and oral final report are required if you take the 【MHI Field Training】course.
We also encourage students to apply for the 【NTU International Mentorship Program】and 【NTU Overseas Internship Program】.
Intern Period and Requests:
• Students can participate the internship during the semester or in summer/winter vacations.
• The start and end dates are discussed by the internship organizations and students.
• Students can finish the internship before taking the 【MHI Field Training】 course.
• The application steps provided below are specifically for the 【MHI Field Training】course. If you're interested in applying for the NTU internship program, please refer to their instructions, which you can find through the link below.
Please read the Internship Handbook before you apply.
How to Apply
Students need to fill out the 【Application Form】 and 【The Consent Form】 with their advisor and rank their internship preferences. Please also submit the 【CV】 for company reference.
Application Deadline: Aug. 1st (For Fall semester) / Jan. 1st (For Spring semester)
• Please rank all the companies we provided for you.
• Submit the Application Form, Consent Form, and your CV to the Smart MHI Office for further arrangement. (E-files are NOT accepted)
• Keep in mind that companies have diverse criteria, and you can find more information on the Label Link above 【List of program-affiliated internship institutions】
Other companies you wish to apply for
• Students who wish to enroll in the course and pursue internships at their preferred companies, which are not part of the cooperative list, have the option to submit【Application forms for non-program-affiliated internship institutions (internal and external to the campus)】with the other required documents mentioned above by the deadline. (E-files are NOT accepted)
• The committee will evaluate whether this institution suits the MHI Field Training course.
Practical Track for Graduation
The Practical Track for Graduation has been conducted since 112 (2023) academic year.
Please check the guidelines for how to apply.
After the internship
When the internship is completed, a written and oral report is required by the final exam week, with no specific format or word number limit.
Students' internship performance will be assessed and graded according to the mentors in the students' intern organization and the final oral report.
Students will be expected to invite company mentors, course instructor, and advisor(s). The time and location for the presentation should be informed to the IC office in advance due to the limited space at 7F, Zonghe Lecture Building.
The office may organize an internship-sharing session, and the students are required to give an oral presentation to share their experience with their fellow students.
Kindly complete the questionnaire below to help us improve this program.